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As the title says, the quality of the steering wheel and the functionality of the integrated screen is amazing. also highlight the suede touch and the precision of the buttons. a single usb facilitates the connection. In two words ... “ very happy“ with the purchase.

Antonio (F1 wheel)

I received my GT3 wheel from Taichi last week. It looks and feels absolutely amazing! It is customized to my exact specification and I'm delighted with it.
The NKK buttons are really high quality and feel a lot better than the Fanatec buttons I'm used to, and the rotary encoders also have a really nice feel. I have it connected to my Fanatec CSW wheelbase with the Universal Hub and it works brilliantly.
Taichi was great to deal with and has been really responsive to all my queries.
If you're in the market for a high quality wheel rim then I thoroughly recommend considering a wheel from Taichi.

Duncan (GT3-A wheel)

This Taichi Sim wheel is really nice quality, unfortunately I havent had a chance to pick up the QR adaptor to use it my rig yet, but initial impressions are that it has really good built quality, the buttons and shifters are really nice, and the wheel itself feels nice and solid.
I'd recommend going the suede finish as I think this would make the wheel even better (mine is painted black).
Excellent value for money as well especially when comparing to some of the much more expensive rims out there.

Shawn (GTE wheel)

The whole experience is made super simple, shipped in a beautiful aluminum case and arrived about 3 weeks after order :) Once assembled with my hub of choice, set up was easy with the provided guides and I was turning laps within minutes! Highly, highly recommend Mr. Taichi and this wheel!


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