Announcement of Partnership Buyout

Nara, Japan – 25th January 2020 – On behalf of Taichi Sim Racing Wheels, I would like to announce the conclusion of Buy-Sell Agreement between Taichi Yoshida (Founder of Taichi SRW) and Graham McKinnon. The agreement is made effective as of 1st February 2020.

The new owner, Graham McKinnon, is the only owner of Taichi Sim Racing Wheels as of 1st February, given that the buyer has purchased the assets of the firm.

The former owner, Taichi Yoshida, contributes to the firm as a technical support engineer from 31st January and he no longer makes any decisions whatsoever regarding the business, unless he is asked to do so by the new owner.

Due to the agreement, the deregistration of Taichi Sim Racing Wheels in Japan will take place by 31st January 2020. Victoria, Canada will be the new base of the company.