Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wish you had lovely Christmas holidays and New Year Days!

2019 was such an eventful year for us. Since we started the business in July, we have designed quite a few steering wheels. We will try our best to keep improving the products; regardless of where you live, our wheels will hopefully help you enjoy sim-racing. 

We have prepared some updates for you during the Christmas holidays, one of which is this Blog posts section. We have ditched the progress updates page as it was becoming too much for us. The blog will not be updated that frequently, but this should give you the idea of what is currently going on. 

Another thing is the new progress update system. Although the original update page is gone, we would like to keep our customers posted. The new version may be less detailed but it is really simple. There are five phases in one production and each grey circle becomes red as it proceeds to the step. 

The link of this page will be provided when you've completed the purchase. 

We are looking forward to showcasing more features and updates for this year. And catch you all in the next post!